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Forward Fold / Rear Fold

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Phone: 1300 001 686 | Email: jason@chivalrytrailer.com.auAddress: 42 Lisbon St, Fairfield East, NSW 2165

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 4PM

Saturaday: 10AM – 4PM

We are closed at Sunday

About Chivalry Trailer

L&G Chivalry is an established business in trailers and toolboxes headquartered in Fairfield East, NSW.

Why Choose us?

We only supply what we believe the best quality and bang for your buck, either manufactured by us or sourced from trusted names in the industry.

Depending on product type, we always provide you with not just good products but also beyond standard warranty and service.

We believe in word of month and treat each customer like our first & last.

Our Trailers

Trailers are meant to be heavy-duty and rich in outdoor features. It’s quite a simple principle that we always follow, so come and have a look so that our products speak for themselves.

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